Before you rush out and buy yourself a magnifying glass and some high equipped gadgets with sophisticated cameras & of course if you are thinking about black hat, Pipe in mouth, Nano Devices or anything else, we generally used to come across in different James Bond Movies or Bollywood Movies, Serials or books etc, you should perhaps ask the question: what exactly is a Private Detective?

Well, that would be justified to dispel your perception, but a Private or a Professional Investigator comes in all shapes and sizes. Detectives look like Ordinary people; you can’t point them out between few people. This exciting career are both male and female and of any age. So please don’t be put off if you think you don’t you fit the image that is misleadingly considered to be a ‘typical’ private investigator; there is no such thing.

If you have an inquiring mind, a keen eye-for-detail and excellent people observatory skills, then with the correct training, there is no reason why you can’t become a skilled investigator and make an extra-ordinary career graph with name & of course lucrative payoff with different limitless perks & also where you can become your own boss.

Private detectives generally are the trained professionals hired by the individuals or organizations both governments, non-governments for investigating different cases. They can handle both criminal as well as civil type (both individual or corporate) of cases. They’re much in demand for the services they offer and they’re highly equipped with the tech gadgets.

Common Reasons for which they are hire are Pre-Post Matrimonial check, Spouse/Partner Cheating, Infidelity, Adultery, Cheating business Partners, Corporates Enquiry, Honey-Trap, Political Spying mainly during election period, Private detectives specialize on different fields according to their interest and experience.

Some handle only criminal cases, while some deals with only corporate cases like pre & post-employment screening and investigate peoples’ backgrounds. protection of trade secrets, anti-piracy and copyright infringement cases. Private detectives should be well aware of various investigation techniques used in several cases like burglary, theft, extortion, suicide, fraud, kidnapping, cyber harassment, murder, rape fraud, insurance fraud, missing persons investigations, and child protection and custody disputes forgery and molestation.

They should be able to use different investigation tools such as fingerprinting, handwriting analysis, audio-video device handling, hidden devices and bugs handling. They should possess the essential qualities like patience, skepticism and thoroughness. Computer skills are also required for them to prepare essential reports and documents.

Career does not suit everyone. If you are looking for a nine-to-five, 50 hour a week job, then you shouldn’t opt for pursuing your career in this field. The work of a private investigator can often be mundane, sometimes involving routine elements which serve only to eliminate issues. However, the satisfaction, and even elation, experienced when the final pieces of the jigsaw fit together make it all worthwhile.

Private Investigators or Private Detective firm is not having any legal identity from government of India. Again you definitely can become a private investigator by working in any reputed Detective Agencies in India. Private detectives, sought to be regulated by a Central legislation, will be allowed to work only in the non-government sector and keep strictly off any investigation into bona fide activities or affairs of the state, particularly the work of state agencies such as IB, RAW or CBI.

Importantly, a clause is proposed to be inserted in the Private Detective Agencies (Regulation) Bill, 2007, debarring private detective agents (PDA) from interfering with the right to privacy of an individual, including tracking of his/her personal letters or electronic communication and only Indian citizen would be able to get the license. Salaries for detectives & criminal investigators vary extensively and depend on experience, employer, location, and the responsibilities of the job.

Private detectives earn considerably more. The average salary of private detectives was 1,80,000 to 2,60,000 per year. Experienced and successful private detectives earned more than 5,00,000 to 10,00,000 per year. Detectives & criminal investigators commonly receive benefits such as paid sick days and vacations, life and health insurance policies, and retirement plans & pensions. They get the honor & privilege of being able to solve mysteries, seek justice for other people, and keep them safe. Additionally, the pay in this profession is quite decent and detectives are highly respected amongst society.

Like every profession there are few disadvantages in this career too. Injuries and accidents can be extremely prevalent for those working in law enforcement. Detectives and criminal investigators should always be prepared for different threatening, dangerous situations that can occur. They need to deal with criminals who may be violent and abusive.

The work of a detective and criminal investigator can have an effect on personal lives since many of them witness adversity, suffering or even death from situations such as homicides and car accidents. Detective work can often be depressing and stressful. Moreover, detectives and criminal investigators usually have to work on holidays and weekends. So this career is also for not weak hearts.

The employment outlook for detectives & criminal investigators is very good. Employment is expected to grow at a faster rate than the average for all occupations. Increasing security concerns and an abundance of criminal activity stimulate this job growth. In addition, the demand for investigators will be boosted by the rise in crime related to the internet such as spamming, identity theft, plagiarism and unlawful downloading of copyrighted resources. Moreover, a proliferation of global financial activities will increase the demand for investigators to deal with financial crime.

Therefore, openings in the private field will grow much faster than those in police forces, which will be extremely limited. More companies, hotels, and restaurants will use private detectives on a large scale for protection of property. Job outlook in this field is fair. Police detectives with experience can advance to chief positions. Private detectives can progress to senior positions in agencies or supervisory of security positions in private companies. Successful detectives can initiate their own detective agencies.

Job opportunities exist in virtually every country. However, the pay is best in countries such as India, USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand.