BIO-FORENSIC ANALYST, course is being developed in such a way to trained young aspirants in a short term model so that the corporate warfare, requirement along with the knowledge of forensic sciences can be a one stop solution for any investigator or corporate to solve a case. This course module focus basically on the biology forensics or requirement in the intelligence era, war in competition with survival of best product results,legal DNA examination and serology investigation and tests. Forensic scientists are who help to collect, preserve, and examining physical evidence during the course of an investigation. Forensic Scientist must be methodical, accurate and unbiased.


Duration and certification

Course details
Total Duration
75 Days

Course Fees

Application form and prospectus
INR 500 for offline students and INR 100 for online students.
Admission Fees
INR 14500 for Offline students and INR 5500 for online students.
One Installment
INR 7500 for offline students and INR 2500 for online students