One of the biggest threats facing businesses and corporations today is that of Cyber-attacks and threats. If these are large enough in scale and magnitude, it could even be considered as an act of Cyber terrorism, in which a significant impact can be felt in both regarding cost and human emotion. Academy of Investigation & Forensic Science (AIFS), Certified Professional in Digital Forensics has successfully delivered it certified digital forensic courses to numerous law enforcement and legal professionals as well as private corporations across all industry sectors. Our programmers are aimed at forensic investigators, digital security practitioners and those with computer forensic experience wanting to develop skills further in order to conduct thorough, efficient and comprehensive investigations. Expert-led trainers and practical technical exercises will ensure you have the latest industry best knowledge practice knowledge and tools to conduct the most effective digital forensic investigations for your organization. With the explosion of web technologies almost all major businesses in the world have web presence thus exposing their data to legitimate and illegitimate users. Computers have become intrinsic part of our lives. Businesses have streamlined their operation saving millions of dollars because of the web technologies and services. Neither the businesses nor the consumers can live without these technologies. Because of the intricate involvement of computer technology in all aspects of our lives, it also has become legal evidence in both civil and criminal cases.

Computer evidences admitted in courts could be any file or fragment recovered from the storage devices such as email, browsing history, graphics, photographs, or application documents. These files may be underrated or deleted. Deleted file recovery would require special techniques. Computer professionals trained in digital forensics preserve and retrieve evidence in a non-destructive manner. Evidence may be recovered from any storage medium installed in digital equipment such as computers, cameras, PDAs, or cell phones. All forensic work should be done with care including documenting clear chain of custody in order for the evidence to be ad missive in a court of law.


Duration and certification

Course details
Total Duration
75 Days
Classroom Lectures
75 Days
On Field Training
30 Days
Total Marks

Course Fees

Application form and prospectus
INR 500 for offline students and INR 100 for online students.
Admission Fees
INR 14500 for Offline students and INR 5500 for online students.
One Installment
INR 7500 for offline students and INR 2500 for online students
Examination Fees
INR 2500 for offline students and INR 1900 for online students.
Total Fees(Exclusing GST)
INR 25000 for offline students and INR 10000 for online students.