Academy of Investigation & Forensic Science (AIFS), Certification Professional in Bio-Forensic Biology helps you understand the scenario & basic inside a forensic laboratory. These short term professionalize course covers administrative and scientific concepts and safe laboratory practices. Forensic scientists are responsible for more than analysis of evidence; they are also accountable for accurate record keeping, chain of custody documentation, stringent quality control and data management.

Forensic biologists inspect crime scenes for potential sources of evidence such as blood, saliva, and hair, and then they analyze the specimens in a laboratory, focusing on DNA analysis. They write up their findings in technical reports and are called upon to testify in court. Forensic biologists typically work for government agencies. Forensic biologists, also called forensic science technicians, work in a wide variety of environments, including those with poor weather conditions, landfills and other hazardous locations, as well as laboratories and office settings. They often work in teams and occasionally must complete their work independently. Such biologists work in shifts which may be during the day, evening, late nights, and/or evenings, depending on seniority. The job may carry an emotional toil when it involves work in the aftermath of violent crimes. An overview of techniques used to characterize body fluids and other biological materials is included. It’s self-paced and uses interactive design including classroom lectures & on-field training to demonstrate testing methods and processes, and self-check questions to test understanding of material.


Duration and certification

Course details
Total Duration
75 Days
Classroom Lectures
75 Days
On Field Training
30 Days
Total Marks

Course Fees

Application form and prospectus
INR 500 for offline students and INR 100 for online students.
Admission Fees
INR 14500 for Offline students and INR 5500 for online students.
One Installment
INR 7500 for offline students and INR 2500 for online students
Examination Fees
INR 2500 for offline students and INR 1900 for online students.
Total Fees(Exclusing GST)
INR 25000 for offline students and INR 10000 for online students.