Forensic analysis in Questioned & Documentation is generally offered as part of a forensic science degree program. Learn about programs and coursework at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree levels, as well as career info for forensic science technicians. As colleges and universities generally don’t offer forensic analyst degree programs, students interested in the topic should instead enroll in a forensic science program; forensic science is offered at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree levels.

Students in forensic science programs learn the basics of crime scene investigation, including how to collect, interpret and preserve evidence. There will be some overlap in subject matter between bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs, but courses in the latter are more specialized.


Duration and certification

Course details
Total Duration
75 Days
Classroom Lectures
75 Days
On Field Training
30 Days
Total Marks

Course Fees

Application form and prospectus
INR 500 for offline students and INR 100 for online students.
Admission Fees
INR 14500 for Offline students and INR 5500 for online students.
One Installment
INR 7500 for offline students and INR 2500 for online students
Examination Fees
INR 2500 for offline students and INR 1900 for online students.
Total Fees(Exclusing GST)
INR 25000 for offline students and INR 10000 for online students.